Sky's Carpentry started providing services in 2003 and we have been having fun ever since!

We have a great customer base and take considerable pride not only in our work but in the close working relationships we build with our clients.  We are proud to say 'Our customers are also our friends'.

We strongly believe in honesty and trust. It's a gratifying feeling when a customer hands you the keys to their luxury home, knowing it would be treated like it was our own. All contractors and associates that work for Sky's Carpentry carry full insurance. Contractors are chosen for their quality work and reliability.  Working closely with these people gives a family like atmosphere in the work environment, whilst building friends, relationships and homes together.

There's no denying choosing a contractor can be a confusing and stressful task.  Our goal is most importantly to listen to you and respond clearly and simply so we do not add to this strain - hopefully you'll choose use becaus
e of this.