Composite Decking, Fences, Beaches, Docks

Whether you choose a high grade composite material or a traditional premium pressure treated lumber for your project; Sky's Carpentry can tailor a project to meet the needs of any customer requirements. Composite decking, railings and fencing comes in numerous colors and performance ratings. We currently use Fiberon who represent the best in class.  

  • Full inspection and assessment of existing deck, footings and framing for signs structural damage to ensure building codes are met and no hidden cost are incurred.
  • We will not nail down any decking board. Decking boards that have been nailed are more likely to degrade faster or loosen and have to be re-joined.
  • We attach all decks with superior quality hardware, including hidden fasteners for a superior look and increasing the lifespan of your product.
  • Decks are mitered for a much cleaner look. By mitering joints together, fewer screws will be visible creating a more uniform look and feel. Railings and stair treads are treated with same high quality craftsmanship. 
  • Premium sealants are applied timber such as Sikkens, who have an outstanding reputation for its range of professional coating systems.  

Barns, Garages, Mud rooms, Gazebos

Homeowners frequently find that they put their barns, garages and additional buildings to a wide variety of uses including home office, living space, entertainment, storage and workshop areas. 

We can construct new build and remodel outdated framework that will make the area more effective for use. We provide insight on your project and make sure that our customers are truly satisfied with the end product.


Sky's Carpentry offers a complete range of roofing services. We might not be the cheapest in the roofing business but we 
don't cut corners, you'll receive quality craftsmanship completed properly that will add value and longevity to your property investment.Complete strip of old roofing materials. We don't cover-up or layer over existing even if the codes allow for it as experience has taught us this will reduce new roof life and can lead to clogging of any guttering.
  • Installation of protective sheathing (Ice & Water Shield) over the entire roof area. We've found this highly appropriate for the climate here, even if most installers will only apply to the edge strip where ice damns are most likely to occur, it is cheap insurance for those especially bad winters.
  • Inspection of existing venting and advice of any improvements that could increase the     lifespan of your new roof and comfort within your property.
  • Installation of new roof using modern methods and trusted products.
  • Extensive cleanup - no roofing debris left around property